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What We Do


What We Do & Why


I believe that people should try to do as little dental treatment as possible, because as a dentist, 

I know that nothing we provide can compare to the benefits of your own natural teeth. 

And with what we know today, prevention is very possible.


What we do in our practice, is take the time, to educate you about your oral health.


More specifically;


We start by teaching about the uniqueness of your mouth.  This is first, because everyone’s mouth is different and you have to know your own, if you plan to take care of it.


Next, we co-create a plan of how to keep your mouth healthy and what to do each day.

By employing personalized strategies, a little bit per day, oral health is easily achievable for most people.


Finally, we check up on you and keep you on the path.

After all, our bodies change over time and so do your needs.  We help you anticipate that.


I believe that prevention is the best form of health and that’s our goal for you.

People have to make a choice about what they want for their teeth.

The danger with relying on your insurance company is that they’re not in the business of health.  

Their business is treating disease.

Have you ever wondered why doctors advertise their services?

For your teeth: That means never-ending dental treatment, spiraling costs, and poorer outcomes.


Our patients come from all walks of life; with or without dental insurance, in and out of network.

Our patients come to us to take control of their oral health and free themselves from dental problems. 



What type of treatment I provide


The type of dental care I provide is based on each person’s needs.  

I believe in preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Therefore, I use minimally invasive techniques and preventative treatments.

I also don’t do all dental procedures such as root canals, extractions, partials and dentures.

I refer those to very qualified, local area specialists.


Cosmetic Dentistry


I love to witness how improving a person’s smile can be life changing.

It’s also one of the most emotionally rewarding things I do. 

As such, and being a perfectionist, I strive to give my clients the best quality cosmetic dentistry that’s available in the modern age.

I further my education by continually learning from the top dental institutes in the world.

It’s truly a passion of mine and one of my favorite things about being a dentist.


Our process is simple and it starts with a consultation.

I like to sit with my clients and find out what they don’t like about their smile.

Then I give them an understanding about their teeth from the perspective of a cosmetic dentist.

I use photos, animations, and models.

We discuss options and answer questions before ever moving forward.


I see a lot of advertisements about cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental manufactures market to the general public just like drug companies do and I routinely get questions from my clients.

My feeling about cosmetic dentistry is that it needs to be customized for each person and done in a way that preserves as much natural tooth structure as possible.



What it's like being a patient in our office


Honestly, our reviews speak for themselves.  

People love coming here because we make it easy and we take care of them.

We know people don’t like coming to the dentist and we want you to have a good experience.

I answer all of your questions and make sure you understand all of your options.

During treatment, we make sure you’re comfortable at all times and you won’t feel rushed.

I love watching new patients come through our office, especially when they’re scared or nervous. 

It always makes me feel good when they leave happy and relaxed.